The Re-Watch Adventure Continues…

At last, Torie and I have fully recovered from the Star Trek Animated Series Re-Watch, and have completed or set aside our other pesky obligations, so it’s finally time to launch our rewatch of the Star Trek films!

We’ll start things off where it all began with Star Trek: The Motion Picture this Thursday, October 6, then proceed through the rest of the films on the same schedule for the following five weeks, from planet Genesis and straight through the final frontier to the undiscovered country–with a short detour to 1986 to say hello to some whales and grab a slice of pizza.

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting conclusion to the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise and help give them a fitting sendoff. We’ve enjoyed sharing this series in all its formats with you all for the past two years, and we’ve both been looking forward to talking about the films for a while. Odds are even, it’ll be a good time! And as always, we appreciate it if you would spread the word to encourage an engaging discussion.

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