Star Trek: The Motion Picture Viewing Party

For those interested in the party, the viewing will begin this Sunday, August 7th, at 2pm EST. You’ll have to provide your own copy of the film, and as with all of our reviews, we’ll be watching the original theatrical release–no director’s cut, no “remastering,” just the movie as it was presented in 1979.

I’ll be around no later than 1:30pm if you want to test out your microphone and just chat pub-style before the movie starts.

Skype is going to be the utility of choice for both voice and text. Skype is free and works on all platforms, so sign up! If you have a microphone, great, and if not, don’t worry about it–Skype has a text-based chat window, too. I may snag an unlimited subscription so if you don’t have a microphone but do have a regular phone and want to be part of the chat, e-mail me your phone number (torie.atkinson [at] gmail [dot] com) and I will call you so you can join us.

My name on Skype is torie.atkinson and Eugene is e.c.myers. Cover charge is at least one entertaining story to fill the long…tedious…silences of this film. Drinking game* optional**.

Let us know, if you haven’t already, if we should expect you!

* I did this for Wrath of Khan once. It was insane.

** It’s not Star Trek V, after all.

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Torie Atkinson watches too many movies and plays too many games but never, ever reads enough books.