The First Duty

Since our launch two weeks ago, we’ve received a number of public and private inquiries about our reasons for moving our Star Trek Re-Watch to The Viewscreen. We probably should have addressed the topic earlier and we’re sorry for the confusion and concern that arose as a result.

We wish we could say it was because of a bold desire to strike out on our own, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Just after we completed Season 2, we received a new blogger agreement from Without getting too specific, it asserted a view of our intellectual property that we weren’t comfortable with. We presented our concerns but alas, the new contract was non-negotiable, so we reluctantly chose to resign as bloggers.

The rights associated with our work are as important to us as the work itself. We decided to launch our own site and release all of our writing under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Likewise, we’re using the open-source platform WordPress with the Arras theme, as designed and modified by Torie.

We always planned to finish the series we began over a year and a half ago. As for the continuation of the re-watch on, we were as surprised as many of you were. It is of course their right to do so and we wish the new bloggers well.

To those of you who have found us here: thank you. This is now solely a labor of love. It means a great deal that so many of you enjoy our little project and we’re delighted to share it with you.

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