Further frontiers at The Viewscreen

Like all good things, our intrepid voyage through Star Trek has come to an end. But why let that stop us? The Enterprise has a continuing mission, and so do we: to watch even more Star Trek. I know, I know, we’re crazy. But we kind of love it. We’re nerds.

Next week we’ll be posting our usual Season 3 Wrap-Up. Then, due to popular demand, we’ll be reviewing “The Cage.” Finally, we’ll close the book on TOS with a Series Wrap-Up. We’ll probably do some post-series statistical number crunching to find out which episodes were the best and worst based on our warp system, and compare that to what our gut says.*

Next up: The Animated Series, of course! Eugene suggested we do this very early on in the process and I agreed, mostly because it’s short and it’s easy to rag on Filmation. But because the episodes, too, are short, and because no one wants to spend 5 months on TAS, we’ll be doing two posts a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’ve wanted to do the movies since we started, since I love them so, and we’ll eventually get to those and wrap up the TOS canon, as it were.

Now many of you know that Eugene and are I both, at heart, TNG fans. (I can hear the boos through the internet, I know.) But we’re not interested in re-watching all 176 episodes, because a) I want to finish this before I retire; and b) not all of them are worth re-watching, let’s be honest here.  So we’ll be doing a limited re-watch of TNG. Each season we will pick between us a few of the episodes we’d really like to cover–our favorites or our least favorites–and the rest of the season we’ll leave up to a poll, and let you folks choose the 5 or 10 episodes to add to those. Details are hazy; ask again later. But we hope this is the best system for skipping the mediocrity and going straight for the very good and the very bad, i.e. the episodes most worth talking about.

Over the past two years you’ve been our constant companions and for that we are so very grateful. We hope we’ll continue to see you all in the weeks and months to come. Bring your friends! Drinks are on us.**

*All I know is, my gut says maybe.

** If by “drinks” you mean “episode reviews.”