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Welcome to Laugh Treks!

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or those with some knowledge of vaudeville peanut galleries) should already be familiar with the format, but “we make fun of it” pretty much sums it up. We chose “Spock’s Brain” as our target, and we are absolutely thrilled to present our very first installment:

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How It Works

It should be pretty simple: download the MP3 and put it on your iPod or play it through your computer. If you’re watching the episode on DVD, simply wait for the chime and then begin the DVD. No additional steps required. If you’re watching the episode through, the chimes indicate the commercial breaks, so just pause when you hear it and press play when the episode begins again. If you find that the mp3 has become “unsynced” from the video, pause either the episode or the mp3, usually just for a split second.


As our re-watch approached the third season, Eugene and I had many discussions about ways to make it more exciting (and tolerable). We initially wanted to launch The Viewscreen with this project, but the amount of work involved surprised even us! This project took an incredible amount of time and effort over the course of six(!) months. More than that, we had to watch “Spock’s Brain” more times than we can count! We’ve put a lot into it and we so very much hope you all enjoy it.

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Will there be others? Do you take requests?

While we’re certainly interested in continuing the project, given the amount of work that went into this it all depends on feedback. The more people that download it and share it, the more likely we are to make more.

This is great! Now what?

If you like it, the best thing you can do is share it with your friends, Twitter, Facebook, and your blogs. If there’s enough positive feedback we’ll do more!

Since we’ve set out on our own, this has been a labor of love. We’ve included a tip jar here if you’re so inclined, but the best thing you can give us is a note saying you liked it and a link back. We’re cheap dates.

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