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Author Topic: The Next Generation on Bluray
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Post The Next Generation on Bluray
on: November 15, 2013, 16:04

Well, despite my recent comment about waiting to get any TNG blurays ( which I actually did wait a year to do ), I did break down and buy season 1. I know the first thought would be "Ugh, why start with that season?". Well, there were two reasons;

1) I kinda wanted to start in order.

2) Most importantly, I found a used set for less than half the price of a new one

One caveat that most folks here may know, but it bears repeating: If you're going to buy the season one bluray, be sure you look carefully at the spine and make sure there's a red command emblem under the CBS logo. The discs should also have the command emblem on the artwork as well. The first sets had some QC issues with improperly mapped 7.1 mixes on some episodes and some missing phaser effects in the episode "Heart Of Glory". To their credit, CBS went back and corrected these errors and offered free replacement discs to customers who received a defective set. Most stores will probably have the corrected versions, since it's been about a year since they were released, but BEWARE...the Moviestop location I went to still had one of the original, uncorrected sets for sale new, while I was able to pick up this corrected set used ( thank goodness ).

Having watched the first four episodes I have to say that CBS have done a fantastic job remastering this series. The time, effort and expense taken to bring TNG into the HD age is incredible. Colors are richer and more vibrant than ever before and the picture is incredibly sharp when compared to the DVDs ( even on my non-HD television ). The effects have been recreated using the original film elements, without the creative license often taken with the TOS remasters, so the shots no longer have that jagged edged matte look that was so prevalent from the video compositing that was used in the '80s. There are occasional tweaks to fix errors that crept in ( my favorite so far being in "The Naked Now" when Data locates the file on the original Enterprise. The graphic which now accompanies the mission report is now the profile of the original series Enterprise, rather than the movie era version which originally appeared. The series never looked this good during it's original run.

Do the visual and audio upgrades make the stories any better? No. But the HD experience is like watching the show for the first time. So is it worth it to upgrade? IMO, Yes, if you can find sets at a decent price ( which is why I'm opting to wait for used copies ) but, as usual. YMMV.

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Post Re: The Next Generation on Bluray
on: November 22, 2013, 13:21

Thanks. This is probably going to make it onto my Christmas list.

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