What’s The Viewscreen?

The Project

Torie Atkinson and Eugene Myers are re-watching every episode of classic Star Trek… 3 seasons. 79 episodes. 1,771,561 tribbles.

We’re covering one episode per post, in air date order, from “The Man Trap” to “Turnabout Intruder.” As fascinating as those new HD CGI effects are, we prefer to view the series in its original format, cheesy special effects and all, the way the Great Bird of the Galaxy intended. Don’t worry, we won’t skip the bad episodes–those are the most fun to talk about!

Each post features a brief summary of the episode, followed by our critiques and often interesting bits of trivia. And since Star Trek fans are nothing if not vocal and opinionated, we’ll ask some questions and raise points of debate for everyone to discuss. We hope you’ll watch along with us, since all the episodes are freely available online at CBS.com, and let’s face it, you probably still have all those VHS tapes, laserdiscs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs that Paramount has issued and re-issued at exorbitant prices.

Our unique review format allows Torie and Eugene to alternate episodes and comment on each other’s recaps. Since Eugene’s a veteran Trekkie and Torie’s a fan watching many of these episodes for the first time, this provides diverse perspectives on the episodes that make our reviews suitable for existing fans and people new to this whole phenomenon.

The History

Torie proposed the idea in an editorial meeting one day at Tor.com, and thought Eugene would be a good fit for the project. To her surprise, he asked her to co-host (not leastways because of the time and effort involved in each post!). And so the Star Trek Re-Watch began on April 7, 2009, as a twice-weekly feature. The site was our home for the first two seasons, but we struck out on our own for the third season. (Our reasons for doing so are explained here.)

New posts go up weekly on Thursdays.

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