Happy 45th Birthday, Star Trek!

On September 8, 1966, the United Nations first promoted International Literacy Day; Elizabeth II opened the Severn Bridge in the UK; and some TV show about people in space seeking out new life and new civilizations premiered.

Star Trek, I hope 45 years is just the beginning. Happy birthday!


And because it’s not a party without cake, here are some of the best Star Trek cakes I could find.

[Made by DecadentDiva]

[Baker unknown. Source: Geekologie]

[Made by Cake Lava]

[Made by wrightsweet]

[Made by Ivory Tower]

[Made by TiaCakes]

[Made by Ice Maiden Cakes]

[Made by Teresa Hatton]

[Made by Cake Chester]

[Made by SHAM Bakery]

[Made by Two Parts Sugar]

[Baker unknown. Source:  Anna White]

[Baker unknown]

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